30 December 2020 / Lesser Poland Voivodeship

Year 2020 in 12 Photos - November

Year 2020 in 12 Photos - November

Almost everybody would agree that the passing year 2020 was a special one. For me it meant switching from travel-intensive work (155 flights last year!) to home office. It also meant more hiking in my home country than travelling abroad. Let me share my impressions of the Year 2020 in 12 Photos - November.

Photo of the month

Autumn with its cold and short days could not stop me from hiking. I hiked in mountains every single Saturday. The photo from my November collection, that I like the most, is a view of the Tatras. It was taken on a cold morning, with crisp air while climbing up Polica peak. The view was behind my back and only when I stopped to wait for my companions, I was able to see it. Amazing how the peaks emerge from a 'sea' of clouds. As it turned out, below 1000m the day was cloudy. But above the line, where I was, clear skies could be enjoyed. I may go philosophical here - go up to be above the clouds in your live to get a clear view...

The Tatras viewed from Polica, Poland
The Tatras viewed from Polica, Poland

Runner Up

November 11 is a national holiday in Poland. I could not miss the opportunity for another trip. I 'discovered' so called "Stone Town". It is a group of scenic rock formations. They resemble fantastic objects or creatures. Obviously there are legends associated with the rocks. As I joined this portal about that time, I did write a full article on it. Read it on Travefeed or PeakD

I have selected a photo which I omitted when writing the original post. Now I think the rock resembles the face of a giant sitting on a hill. What does it look like to you?

A rock in Stone Town, Poland
A rock in Stone Town, Poland

Also on the podium

The third pick was my first encounter with Winter this season. We did not expect any of the white stuff when we started our hike up Mogielica peak. As we reached the altitude of about 1000m, autumn gave way to winter. I have a few photos with trees painted white by frost. I like the selected one for the contrast between white trees and blue skies. Hope you like it, too. I have published a post on PeakD (in Polish) with more photos from that trip.
Mogielica peak, Poland
Mogielica peak, Poland

Stay Tuned

This was the eleventh post in the series Year 2020 in 12 Photos - November. I will post consecutive months over the last 12 days of December 2020. Stay tuned!

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